Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pretty Jewelry Displays

This is a bracelet/ring holder I made out of two center curtain rod hooks (that piece that braces the rod in the center if it is a long rod). I wanted a way to store my bracelets rather than having them strewn on my desk, in a box, or stacked on a stick! So I figured, let's make a rack. Figuring out how to make the dowel stand far enough away from the wall was tricky, but once I found these center rods- well, the rest is history.

This is my "dangly" earring holder. Its a big frame with faux burlap string stung across and secured by hot glue and super glue. The key here was making sure the string was taught. The frame is actually a white wooden frame I bought from Walmart. I wanted it to look antique, so I used an emery cloth to rough it up and then used my antiquing glaze. I love it!

This is my "stud" earring holder. It's a smaller frame, but the same kind, as the previous one. I used the same roughing up technique and then glued cork board sheets into the place the glass would normally go. Then I secured the back like you would with any other picture and hung it up! So convenient!!

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  1. So what did you do with the earing backs in the stud holder? I'm trying to attempt the same thing and I'm at a slight loss! Lol