Saturday, February 2, 2013

Big CHUNKY Red Scarf

Check. This. Thing. OUT. I LOVE this new scarf I made! I bought some more expensive bulky yarn for this project! I had a gift card to Hobby Lobby so I spent it on the more expensive yarn to try something new. I had to buy 3 skeins of some big fluffy super soft red yarn. I am so glad I tried this! I swear this scarf looks store bought. It's so warm and cozy and soft I can't get enough. I made it super super long so I can wrap this behemoth 3 times! 3! It's the epitome of chunky bulky scarves. Plus the color is awesome. MMmmM! I used the same pattern I did on the multicolored scarf:
Step 1. Chain one row
Step 2. Double Crochet two rows
Step 3. Single Crochet two rows
(Repeat Steps 2 & 3)

So so so simple, so so so amazing. <3  Here's some more pictures!!!
 (sorry for the poor quality on some of these- I took them on my Andriod)

Thrifted Yarn Scarf

Hi everyone! I tried something new today. I made a scarf out of some thrifted yarn! I used 5 or 6 different colors of yarn to make this guy. I also used a different pattern than my normal scarves. I threw in some single crocheted rows to add some variety, and I LOVE IT. It may be my new favorite pattern. So much fun to play around with stitches. I hope you guys like this! I paid $3 for the yarn from goodwill, had a few scrap yards from previous projects, and bought one new skein for $5 for this. So it cost about $8 to make. I had so much fun doing it too! 

Scarf Video Tutorial Debut!!!

Click HERE to see the video on YouTube

You all know from my braided scarf pattern that I use double crochets, but for those of you who do not know what that means, I made a video! I show you the basics of getting started! It's not the best video, but I think it's realy easy to follow for those of you who want to know how I make all my scarves. I don't have video editing software on my computer, so I just did one ten minute video. Therefore, I was not able to show you a finished product. However! The scarves in my previous posts use the pattern in the video! To save you from scrolling back to see them, I'll put them all down below. Hope you guys enjoy the video!! Leave comments on it :) I hope to make more in the future once I figure out how to edit my videos and make them more viewer friendly.