Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Reversible Cowl - Written Instructions/Pattern

Front Texture (Knit-Like)

It's been a while since I've posted! But fall is upon us, and with it comes cooler temps and warmer clothes. I started crocheting again for the season at the end of September, and I've really gone after it this year. I've got a bunch of different lines, but one in particular is a new product called the Reversible Cowl! It's a thing of beauty. I am so excited about how it turned out. 

Last Christmas break I was playing around with some different types of stitches, and I ended up making one of these. I knew it would be super warm because it sits higher up on the face to protect from those awful winds in the winter.  So, I started wearing it around some friends, got positive reactions, and decided this year to make some and see how they do at the market! Well, they sold pretty well on day one, which inspired me to write this post and give you guys a written pattern for it. It's kind of a tricky pattern, because I came up with it myself and I'm not much of a pattern-maker, but I'll do my best to tell you how it goes!
Alternatively, if you don't have time to learn a new pattern or would like to buy these, I do have them available on my Etsy! Feel free to contact me on there about purchasing one or more. :)  Www.PrettyThingsCrochet.Etsy.Com

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Alright, Here's the pattern:

Use a chunky yarn of your choice or use two strands simultaneously of a thinner yarn you love. You'll probably need around 300 yards depending on your thickness and crochet style. I use a 10mm hook.

First you're gonna want to make a foundation row. I crochet a non-chain foundation row of about 30-50 (depending on your crochet style and desired cowl circumference) half double crochets. Then, since I crochet in a "round" for this cowl, I slip stitch the ends together before working back onto it. There really isn't a trick to this, I just stick the hook in where I began and connect it to the end I'm working on.
Then what you're going to do is work on a half double crochet into the 3rd loop from the front (There will be one "V" on the front, work behind it into that somewhat hidden loop), but work at it from the front! It's crucial that you work from the front working towards the left with your stitches. You'll yarn over, stick it through the post of the stitch and complete a half double crochet, leaving a "v" shape, as I call it, exposed on the "front" of the cowl. Because you're making a half double crochet, it creates this "third" loop that you stitch onto from front to the back, which makes the other two set up off the scarf in a knit like stitch on the front of the cowl. 
You'll then work in a round for as long as you'd like your cowl to be! Then at the top wherever you want to end, just taper off by doing two single crochets and a final slip stitch before tying off. 

What you're left with is a pretty knit-like texture on the front of the cowl and then a pretty bauble-like texture on the inside! It really is very pretty if you do it right. I'll post pictures below that shows both textures. 

I know I'm not an expert "explainer", but as you know I kind of stumbled upon this entire idea by accident! I was just messing around with some yarn one day and fell in love with what I made, and decided to make more. 

Front Texture (Knit-Like)

Inside Texture (Bauble-Like)

Front Texture (Knit-Like)

Inside Texture (Bauble-Like)

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  1. goodmorning Kristi, i'd like to ask you if you are chain (maybe two chains)before you start a new row.