Tuesday, May 12, 2015

"The Striped Wall" Outfits

Hey everyone! I decided to kill some time and beat this cold, gloomy weather today by turning my bedroom into a dressing room photo shoot. I really enjoy outfit planning, and this seemed like a fun thing to do. I wanted to plan some cute summer outfits that I can wear, and to keep my wardrobe fresh on my mind. I sometimes forget all that I have, but this helps remind me of all the great pieces I already own (so I don't go shopping again!) I'm really feeling a mix of hipster/boho right now, which is reflected in these outfits I'm sure. I'm drooling over my new Express distressed demin shorts, btw. I'll probably be living in them this summer! Hopefully I'll post more outfits in the near future. I made an instagram account ( @TheStripedWall ) specifically for these photos if you'd like to follow and hopefully be inspired to have some fun with your closet as well. Have a wonderful day!

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