Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thank You Card

I made this Thank You card and it actually has already been put to use! I won't say to who, because they haven't received it yet ;)  The inspiration for this card was actually from an album cover-Cage the Elephant anyone? In my mind the "Thank You Happy Birthday" looked like cut out letters. I obviously haven't seen the album cover in a while because it looks very dissimilar to this but I actually love the "Indie/Homemade/Retro" vibe this gives off. On another note, I think I might try making these crafts more of tutorials once in a while, but I really stink at taking pictures of the process because I forget and get too excited about finishing it! But, nevertheless, the written instructions are at the bottom of this entry. Thanks for looking :)

I hope this long list of instructions doesn't scare you! I promise it's super easy! I just threw in tips to make your time easier and tried to actually explain since I didn't take pictures.

Two pieces of cardstock (one brown/paperbag texture & one white/homemade speckled texture)
 Two sheets of scrapbook paper (one sparkle glitter paper & one light blue with little white polkadots) 
Mod Podge
Mod Podge Acrylic Sealing Spray
A junk piece of cardstock, posterboard, etc that is at least large enough to cover the card when it's open
Sponge brush or Paint brush
X-acto knife
Extra fine glitter
3 Blank notecards
Black Gel pen
Decorative blade scissors
Glue stick
Paper slicer ( I use this because I have it, but if you're good at cutting straight lines with scissors, that's fine)
2 Pieces of regular college-ruled lined paper

Step 1: Cut your brown cardstock in half (hamburger style) to create card size & fold that in half
Step 2: Take your white cardstock and slice it to size, just larger than what you would like it to be for the inside right side of the card
Step 3: Use decorative blade scissors to carefully cut the edges of the white cardstock
Step 4: Glue the white cardstock onto the brown cardstock (right inside)

Step 5: Take one piece of lined paper and write out THANK YOU in block writing (I would use a pencil for this part)
Step 6: Place the lined paper on top of your scrap book papers (all separately, so you will cut each letter shape three times, not in one shot) and trace the letters with your x-acto knife. CAREFUL because the knife are extremely sharp- lay a piece of cardboard or an old book underneath where you cut, so you don't harm your surface. ** You dont need to press very hard. Just like if you were writing with a pencil **
Step 7: Glue each letter onto the front of the card using a glue stick

Step 8: Take one notecard and fold it in half. Draw a half a heart on the crease and then cut it out. (This might take a few trys, so you might wanna have more than three notecards) Then take that heart template and place it on the center of the next notecard. Trace it with a pen. (*Don't discard this heart cutout- save it for step 10*) Then Cut out the trace-line using your x-acto knife. TRIM (do not cut to the edge of the heart, leave a decent (3/4"+ edge) edges of notecard so that it fits onto the middle of the white piece of cardstock.
Step 9: *Do this next part over top of the other piece of lined paper( it will catch excess glitter)* Place your cut out notecard onto the white cardstock. Then paint mod podge onto it with your sponge or paintbrush, only in the heart cut out space. Carefully lift the cutout template and sprinkle glitter all over the glue. Then pick up the card and gently tap it onto the paper to release excess glitter. If it is not thick enough (as mine was not) I opted to do a second coat. CAREFUL though, as it can sully your mod podge supply if you double dip, because the glitter WILL come off the heart at this point. Use your template again for the touch-ups if you do them. After you are finished with your glittering, bend the paper in the middle and use it as a means of getting the glitter back into the glitter tube/bottle you used. It's a lot of glitter that you DON'T want to waste!! 
Step 10: Take your spare piece of cardstock/posterboard and place your heart cutout, not the notecard, but the heart cut out you saved, and trace it onto the scrap at least two inches from the top left corner. (enough so that if you place the heart cutout on top of your glittery heart on the card, the card will be completely covered. Then go to a ventilated area and a place where things can get ruined ( I recommend doing this in a dorm hallway or outside. Don't do this inside or around ANYTHING you don't want sticky and shiny.) Place the scrap over the glossy heart, don't smudge the heart while you do this, and spray lightly with your acrylic sealer. Do not overspray, just lightly do this to seal the glitter onto the cardstock. A little goes a long way. 

Step 11: Take your third notecard and use it as a straight edge to draw lines underneath the heart on the white cardstock. I used a black Gel pen which worked really well for this. I wouldn't try to make it perfect, it's supposed to look kind of indie, homemade. So wherever you can add character I would do so.
Step 12: Write your personal Note! That's it! You're all done!

Comment if you liked the tutorial.. I'll try one with pictures next week if I can but I don't want to waste time if no one reads them! Haha. Please leave a note if you enjoyed this!

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