Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hair Bow for Under Sock/Messy Buns

So I was bored on my Sunday afternoon and started rifling through my Pinboard for inspiration for projects to do that required me to use my brand new sewing machine! I found a tutorial for a hairbow and thought, why not? So, I used some scrap fabric I had from my heart garland and made one. I think it turned out nice. It's probably not that versatile considering the pattern, and I might want it to be a little bit bigger, but for a first run I think I did pretty well. The fabric I used is a flannel material. The tutorial called to use a stiff material, but I went with the flannel instead. *Once I finished this I tried the tutorial with some canvas material and I think it's too stiff, so I actually think that any material would be fine (because it's folded twice and then bunched.. It's got pretty good shape). Anyways I will link the tutorial HERE! Ironically her blog is called "Rookie" :) Hope you guys like it. Total cost of project is nothing since I used scraps! All you need is thread and fabric, and my fabric only cost about 50 cents. I'd say you can make this pretty cheap ;)

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