Sunday, January 20, 2013

Damask Bow Pillow

This was my first try at making one of those "Bow" pillows with the stretched bow all the way across the body of the pillow. ALSO! It is my first attempt to do a picture tutorial. I hope that if you want to follow along or try it yourself these pictures and instructions make sense :) Scroll down for the tutorial. 
I think this pillow turned our great! I do think it may have been better to double the thickness of the bow so it isn't so thin, as it blends into the pillow quite well. Haha. Maybe using a different fabric for the bow would avoid this issue. If you have any suggestions or questions leave a comment below! Thanks for looking :)

Note* Remember you can click on each picture set for a larger image! 

2" x 4" piece of fabric (small)
13" x 5" piece of fabric (medium)
Two 13" x 13" pieces of fabric (large)
 Not Pictured:
Sewing Machine (or patience with hand sewing)
Thread to match your fabric

PART 1: The Knot/Loop
(I numbered this part because there are a lot of steps)
1. Lay your small piece of fabric on your work space
2. Fold it in half hot dog style and pin it to stay
3. Sew along the open edge
4. Flip your tube inside out
5. Lay your fabric down so the seam is in the middle on top of your fabric
6. Fold it hot dog style so the SEAM SHOWS
7. Sew it together
8. Flip it inside out
9. Done

PART 2: The Bow
Now take your medium piece of fabric
Pinch it to create the center of a bow
Use the pins to hold it in place while you slid the loop you just made around the bow
** If the loop isn't snug enough to hold the bow's shape, take it off, flip it back inside out, sew the seam closer, clip the extra fabric, and turn inside out again until it fits!**

PART 3: Sew the Bow Down
Now take your bow and lay it on one of the big pieces of fabric.
Make sure it is the pattern direction you want it to be in. 
Pin the edges down tight on both sides.
Sew the bow onto the fabric on the edges.

PART 4: Form the Pillow
**Not pictured**
Lay your to large pieces of fabric (one containing the bow) front to front so the pattern (what will be the outside of the pillow) is hidden. Make sure your patterns are both facing the way they need to be so when the pillow is flipped inside out it is correct direction and alignment. 

Sew all but one of your edges together- on the last one leave enough room to be able to stuff your pillow.
Flip it inside out *mind your bow!*
Stuff with stuffing
Fold under the rough edges on the unsewn seam and pin together.
Sew as close to the crease as you can with your sewing machine or hand. 

That's it! You're done :) Now admire your work!

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  1. Thats really cute, you should try a bite color to contrast with the pattern, like yellow or turquoise.