Monday, January 21, 2013

Hanging Heart Paper Garland

On my day off of school on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day I decided to try making some heart garland. I decided to use them as window treatments for my nook. I made 7 strings in differing lengths. If you'd like to know how to make these, read on for my tutorial! 

Old book, or pages of a book, or whatever paper you'd like to use
Heart stencil (mine is made from a note-card)
Pen or Pencil
Sewing Machine

1: Start by choosing the pages you want to use. If they are in a book or notebook cut the pages out as close to the binding as possible. 

2: Gather 4-5 sheets of paper at a time and use your heart stencil to trace as many hearts as you can fit on a page. I only wanted hearts with words so I kept the hearts in the middle of my pages. 

3: Cut your hearts out. Put them in piles of two - You will be sewing them together this way to create the double heart effect. 

4: Put your first set of hearts under the foot of your sewing machine and begin to sew. You can back stitch, but it isn't necessary. Make sure to leave some loose thread at the top in order to tie your strands to a curtain rod.

5: Continue to sew the hearts one after another together. I ranged my strands from 14-20 hearts. This will depend on how long you want your strands and how big your hearts are. 

6: Cut the thread from the bottom of the last heart and untangle your strand. It should look like this.

7: Bend each heart on the string away from each other to create the double heart effect. Gently do this- do not press extremely hard, just press lightly to separate them. Do this as many times as you like! That's it! Here are some more pictures of my final product.

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