Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Green Sneaks

These shoes were a total experiment. I spotted them at a thrift store and decided that since they fit, were clean, and were an interesting olive color I would buy them for the $1 they cost me. It took me awhile to decide what to do with them, but when I bought this rust colored glitter I thought since the colors went well together I would put them together. I documented the process in the form of a tutorial so if you have a similar pair of shoes you'd like to do this with feel free to follow along. 

Shoes (mine are vinyl.. a smooth materials. I don't know how this would work with different material shoes)
Mod Podge
Mod Podge acrylic sealing spray
Glitter (super fine)
Sheet of paper

First take your sponge and spread a thin layer of mod podge over the part of the shoe you want to add glitter to. 

Make sure you sprinkle the glitter on over the piece of paper in order to save the excess. Otherwise you will waste 90% of your glitter. 

Once this layer dries it should look like this.

Then grab the next part f the show you want to glitter. I chose the tongue, which was somewhat complicated to grasp while adding mod podge and glitter. 

This is how I added the mod podge

This is what it looks like after I added glitter and emptied the excess on the paper. 

This is what it looks like with the first layer of the main shoe and the tongue done. 

After I let everything dry I added another layer of glitter to each shoe *not on the tongue*

After those layers dried I sprayed them with mod podge acrylic sealer. It will seal the shoes because mod podge original is water soluble. Once you spray the sealer they will be wearable outside. Follow the instructions on the can for ventilation and so forth. 

And there you have it! An updated pair of shoes. I think my favorite part is the tongue. Even though it's not always visible because I wear bootcut jeans.  Here's another picture of me lounging in them, feet up! :) 

Thanks for reading! 

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